Personal gentoo portage overlay
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Alexander Miroshnichenko c442887cb7
net-misc/netplan: add 0001-buildsystem-meson-fixes.patch
2 hours ago
app-admin add app-admin/openshift-client-tools ebuild 7 months ago
app-containers/dive app-containers/dive: add new ebuild 2 weeks ago
app-crypt app-crypt/lego: update ebuild 12 months ago
app-editors/apostrophe app-editors/apostrophe: update RDEPEND 2 months ago
app-emulation app-emulation/cri-o: remove old version 1 year ago
app-misc/joshuto app-misc/joshuto: update to release 0.9.0 with add-additional-configuration-directories patch 1 year ago
app-shells/tessen add app-shells/tessen ebuild 7 months ago
app-text/pdfmixtool Add app-text/pdfmixtool package 1 year ago
dev-lang/go update dev-lang/go, www-apps/gitea ebuilds 3 years ago
dev-libs/jose dev-libs/jose: Add package 2 years ago
dev-python dev-python/*: update python_targets 2 weeks ago
dev-util/bpftool add content 3 years ago
dev-vcs dev-vcs/GitQlient: new package 2 years ago
gui-apps add gui-apps/wtype-0.4 ebuild 7 months ago
mail-mta/opensmtpd add opensmtpd 3 years ago
media-sound media-sound/cozy: update to v1.2.1 2 weeks ago
media-video/Videomass Add media-video/Videomass package 1 year ago
metadata add content 3 years ago
net-dns/knot add content 3 years ago
net-fs/nfs-utils add content 3 years ago
net-libs/libasr add opensmtpd 3 years ago
net-misc/netplan net-misc/netplan: add 0001-buildsystem-meson-fixes.patch 2 hours ago
profiles update README and repo_name 3 years ago
sec-policy sec-policy/selinux-lego: update policy 1 year ago
sys-apps stratisd: update ebuild 1 year ago
sys-auth/polkit sys-auth/polkit: Add package with dutape JS backend and musl libc support 2 years ago
sys-fs stratis: update to version 3.0.4 7 months ago
sys-kernel sys-kernel/hardened-kernel: add btrfs support kernel built-in 7 months ago
sys-libs add sys-libs/libselinux v3.0-r1 with musl libc build support 2 years ago
sys-process/audit sys-process/audit: updatge python target 2 years ago
virtual virtual/linux-sources: update metadata 3 years ago
www-apps www-apps/gitea: Bump version 1.14.2 1 year ago
x11-misc/wofi-pass wofi-pass: new ebuild 3 years ago
LICENSE Initial commit 3 years ago update README 3 years ago
layman.xml Add layman.xml 3 years ago

Millerson Gentoo Overlay

Using repository with newer portage A package manager with git repository support can be used for sync. Portage version 2.2.16 and later supports git sync.

The repos.conf entry for repository sync may look like the following:

location = /usr/local/portage/millerson-overlay
sync-type = git
sync-uri =
auto-sync = true
clone-depth = 1

Please note that if you use existing repository location, you need to remove the existing repository first.